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Kids climbing holds

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All of the shapes below offer a great challenge to kids of all abilities. Choose from mini jugs to extra large jugs and every thing in between.

How many holds do I need?
Well this depends on hold size and application. For starting out on a vertical wall you can get away with 5 holds per square meter. 
However as the wall gets more inclined or you have small children more holds are generally needed because you are restricted by arms reach.

To calculate how many holds you need first work out the square meter of the wall and then times it by 5 (minimum)
So for a home wall around 3m x 2.4m we would recommend around 36 holds.

There are two types of bolts that are used for fixing climbing holds to the wall. They are Cap Head and countersunk.

Bolts are either black steel or Stainless steel. For indoor walls use black bolts and for out door use Stainless Steel.

Arranging the Holds
Generally there is no right or wrong way of arranging the holds on the wall but if possible try to avoid ways in which it can tweak or twist the hands if not held in a natural hand position.  Like any form of exercise, always remember to warm up properly first.


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