T-nut Options


T-nuts are basically a threaded nut with a series of prongs on the flanged side of the nut.  These prongs once driven into the rear of the plywood panel help to prevent the t-nut from spinning and allow for attaching the holds with the bolts.

The great advantage of the t-nut once that it has been inserted is that you can place the climbing holds from the front of the wall with out having to go around to the back.

T-nuts are available in two types of material.  These are steel and Stainless steel.

Depending on the application select the appropriate type.
To insert the t-nut first drill a 12mm hole in the required location in the plywood panel.  Then bang in the t-nut into the rear of the side of the climbing wall surface (18mm plywood panel) with a hammer.
If using screw on t-nuts place the screws around the circumference of the flange of the t-nut. Again the flange side of the t-nut is on the rear side of the climbing wall surface (18mm plywood panel).

TIP: Try to make sure you place the t-nuts square to the panel.  

Steel / Zinc coated type

  • will rust and corrode if exposed to rain or very humid conditions
  • cheapest option
  • Good for walls that are not exposed to the elements (indoor use)

 Stainless Steel type

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • More expensive than regular steel or zinc plated t-nuts

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