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Euro Slopers Set A

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A great set of X-Large slopers for developing open handed and pinch strength.  These holds are big enough to throw for and are suitable for walls up to 45 degrees over hanging for advanced climbers.  
The euro slopers are also awesome for making up pumpy power endurance circuits, just like those comp routes in europe!!
#SET: 4        Size: X-Large      Bolt Fixing: 3/8" Socket Cap Bolt (2" and 3" long)

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Posted 21st Sep 2021 by Finn

These holds are awesome. I put them on my 55 degree wall and they’re great for training tension on small feet and aren’t to hard to hold when in compression or on juggy feet. I would recommend them for any wall. 5 stars

Just right on a 45
Posted 30th May 2014 by PommyJ

When I saw these in the box, they looked way too hard for a 45 wall. But they're great, just right for problems around V5-7, and nice rounded edges for throwing to.

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Euro Slopers Set A
Euro Slopers Set A
Euro Slopers Set A