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Super Set 60 Holds (with fixings)


Whether you are just starting out or training for the next super project. Then this set of holds will hopefully get you in shape. 
The set contains a generous amount of warm up jugs as well as a big variety of edges, pinches and slopers.

Note: All holds in this set will be random colours.


16 small bolt on holds
16 medium bolt on holds
12 large bolt on holds
4 Extra large bolt on holds
12 Screw on foot jibs
48 Bolts
48 T nuts
Screws for jibs

Starter set
Posted 24th Jul 2013 by Glenn

WOW heaps of holds that are actually all usable. I had every thing to get started, for a steep two panel bouldering wall 2 sets would be ideal. Highly recommended

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Height 40.00
Width 40.00
Depth 30.00
Super Set 60 Holds (with fixings)