Sub-Zero Finger Board

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Product Overview

A super-charged fingerboard for taking your hang sessions to the next level. This board has an increasingly difficult selection of incut first-joint edges and is great for increasing upper body and finger strength.
Also being 750mm long allows for a more natural arm position whilst hanging. The Subzero fingerboard was the original!  

Made in Australia
Made from Urethane
Individually inspected
Fixing attachments and instructions included

2 19mm Incut finger jugs for warming up on
2 19mm slopers
2 19mm flat edges
2 19mm rounded edges
2 10mm flat edges 
1 19mm pocket
2  8mm edges

Approximate size: (L x H x D)750mm x 98mm x 22mm

Important Information - PLEASE Read
Any items shown in pictures other than holds are to show scale and are not included with purchase.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review