Screw-on Holds

Screw on holds
Generally most climbing holds are bolted onto the climbing surface with bolts and a threaded t-nut that is inserted into the back of the plywood panel.

But some times there are places where traditional bolt-on holds cannot be placed.
This is where screw on holds come into their own.  They are simply attached with wood screws. 

The minimum standard for the wood screws is Type 17 10gauge. 
The screw length is determined by hold thickness and plywood thickness (plywood needs to be a minimum of 18mm thick)
If you are using an electric drill set it to a very low torque setting, this way you will not drive the wood screw into the hold and damage it.

Caution:If using an electric drill use eye protection to protect your eyes.

Where can screw on holds be placed?

  • Aretes
  • Kick boards
  • Tight inside and outside corners
  • Head walls

Advantages of screw-on holds?

  • They don’t require t-nuts or bolts
  • They can generally go any where on the climbing wall

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