Crag Board

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Product Overview

The Crag Board - the next generation in superlight finger board designs.
Purpose made for taking to the crag to warm up on.
Big jugs along the top of the board quickly get the arms working before progressing on to
smaller holds for more intense finger exercises. 
The upper section of the Crag Board 2 is symmetrically laid out to allow for both one and two arm locks
on bigger size holds, while the bottom section of the board is intended for maximum recruitment on tip
size edges.

So now you can be warmed up before your next redpoint shot! or if the conditions turn bad you can always run a comp with your mates.

NOTE: The cragboard can also be mounted permanentely over a door-way or on to a wall.

Made in Australia
Made from Urethane
Individually inspected
Does not require a backing board
Fixing attachments and instructions included
Cast in BIG RED fine texture to minimise skin wear

1 Massive warm-up jug along the top
3 18mm edges
3 10mm edges
1 8mm edge
2 10mm shallow 2 finger pockets
2 5mm project edges

DIMENSIONS: (L x H x W) 415mm X 140mm X 33mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review